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Colposcopy is simply a more detailed look at the cervix. Instead of looking at the cervix with the naked eye (like when your practice nurse or GP do a smear) a microscope is used. Don't worry about the sound of this! The microscope stays outside you. All that goes inside is the speculum, which is the instrument your GP or practice nurse used to see your cervix when taking your smear.

The examination may take a little longer than a standard smear test but the doctor or nurse performing the Colposcopy will talk to you as you have the examination and tell you what is being done.

Sandyford central offers Colposcopy to women who choose to attend Sandyford for their smear tests. We will also see women who ask their GPs to refer them to our clinic. Women from the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area having smear tests at their GPs will automatically be referred to their nearest hospital (Stobhill or the New Victoria) if their smear test is abnormal. The vast majority of smear abnormalities are related to HPV infection.

Colposcopy is recommended when you have had an abnormal smear test or you have symptoms that a doctor thinks could be related to a problem with your cervix. It is very rare that we find a cancer, but these tests allow us to offer treatments that can prevent a cancer developing in the future.

If you have been advised to attend please don't be frightened just come and see us and we can talk you through the examination.