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Communication in Relationships

Communication is the key to a good relationship. If you can talk through things with your partner you are more likely to be happy and satisfied in all areas of your relationship.

For many couples, one or both partners feel that the other doesn't understand how to satisfy them sexually and this can damage the confidence of both partners. Learning to understand your own responses and your partner's takes time to learn and practice.

Everyone responds differently to sex and sexual arousal. Some like gentle touches; others prefer heavier, rougher contact. One person might be turned on by something another finds unpleasant or uninteresting. The only way to get to know your partner's tastes, and for them to get to know yours, is by communicating.

Simply talking about sex can add to your excitement. And the more you talk, the more relaxed and confident you'll be with your partner.

Next time you have sex, make sure your partner knows when they are doing something you like. If they need a bit of guidance, gently move their hands to show them what turns you on.

Remember to listen and notice the movements and sounds your partner makes too, so you can pick up their likes and dislikes.

Remember to also talk about contraception and safer sex.

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