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Sexual Identity

Sexual identity, also called sexual orientation, is the term used to describe the sex of a person you are sexually or romantically attracted to. Everyone has a sexual identity.

The following words are commonly used to describe sexual identity, although not everyone likes or uses these terms to describe themselves:

• Heterosexual/Straight: a person attracted to people of the opposite sex
• Bisexual: attracted to people of both sexes
• Lesbian/Gay women: women who are attracted to other women
• Gay men: men who are attracted to other men
• Asexual: people who feel no sexual attraction at all.

Most people become aware of their sexual identity when they reach puberty. Some people are less sure of their sexual identity or their feelings can change over time.

Sandyford welcomes everyone of every sexual identity. We understand that not everyone is comfortable discussing their sexual identity, however if you are able to tell us your sexual identity it helps us to provide you with the best advice and the right care, please let us know.