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Many of us grow up hearing very little about the possibilities for sexual pleasure our bodies provide. Boys and men are often brought up to think of sex as feelings experienced only through their penis, while sadly girls and women are taught very little at all about their right to sexual pleasure from sexual relationships and often are not taught about how their sexual body parts work.

It is important to understand what parts of your body you like to have stimulated by yourself or a partner, and of course this is not just sexual organs, but can be anywhere from nipples, earlobes, necks, prostate - anywhere can feel good.

It is also equally important to understand your limits and boundaries, there is no right or wrong about what feels pleasurable, we all respond differently.

There are a lot of sensations attached to sexual arousal. Sex should feel good, pleasurable and be sensually stimulating.

These feelings and sensations will be stronger the more you understand how your body and mind respond to stimuli when you are sexually aroused. Work out what feels pleasurable to you. Masturbating can be a really positive way of working out your desires and what feels pleasurable.

When you know what turns you on you are in a better position to be able to communicate this to your partner. Perhaps you could encourage them to do the same and tell you what they find stimulating.

If you think they feel a bit unsure or uncomfortable check out why and make sure you never pressure a partner into doing something they don't want to do.

Explore each other's bodies. You can just kiss and touch or lick each other; good sex is about more than just penetration. Have fun - try whatever positions turn you both on.

If you are not experiencing pleasure from sex with your partner then it may be a sign that some aspects of your relationship need some attention.