We've all experienced jealousy at some time in our lives, although the reasons why each of us gets jealous and the emotions we feel may differ.

Jealousy involves a wide range of emotions, thoughts and behaviours. It can make us feel pain, anger, sadness, or fear. It can bring about thoughts of blame, we might compare ourselves to another person, or worry about aspects of who we are.

Jealousy intensifies emotions, it can make making love feel stronger and sex more passionate. Infrequent or mild jealousy is not always a destructive force in a relationship, as it can remind us to appreciate each other. However, when it's intense or irrational, this is very different.

Sometimes jealous feelings can get out of control and put a huge strain on a relationship, leaving the other partner feeling as though they're constantly having to avoid a jealous reaction.

Overcoming jealousy takes patience and hard work. You might find counselling useful. If you're recovering from a partner having an affair you may need to deal with those issues first.

Think about the things that trigger your jealousy and ask yourself how realistic the threat is. One way to beat jealousy is to speak to your partner about it and ask for reassurance. Be aware however, that if your jealousy is irrational or unfounded, then repeatedly asking for reassurance might be counterproductive as your partner might feel irritated or annoyed.

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