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Physical Disability

Having a physical disability or illness can sometimes affect sexuality. If you have a physical disability you might have questions about relationships, being able to enjoy sex or having children. Some disabilities may cause a loss of fertility, but this does not mean there will be sexual problems. If there are sexual problems it may be possible to treat these.

Managing sexual relationships and ensuring sexual pleasure may involve experimentation with a variety of sexual activities, or a variety of positions to achieve pleasure and comfort. Some people use sex-toys such as vibrators, additional lubricants or concentrate more on non penetrative activities. There are many erogenous and sensitive areas of the body and an enjoyable sexual relationship will discover these as well.

An important part of a happy and healthy sexuality is communication. Openness between partners can create the right environment to develop particular ways of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Telling each other what you like and don't like, and not criticising, builds understanding of needs and desires. Safer sex is also important.

If you have a physical disability and would like to talk about your sexual health make an appointment to see someone at a clinic near you. You can bring another person with you for support. If you or another person makes your appointment you may want to tell us about your disability so that we can consider your needs.