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Letters of Competence - IUT/Implant

FSRH Letter of Competence - IUT/Implant

Who Should Attend?

Available to both doctors and nurses who can gain the Diploma Letter of Competence in sub dermal implants (LoC SDI) and intra uterine techniques (LoC IUT) without first holding the Diploma of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare.

They must demonstrate the evidence based knowledge, attitude and skills required to consult with a woman requesting contraception, and to appropriately provide intrauterine and sub-dermal implant insertion and removal methods and manage complications and side effects.

Letters of Competence in IUD / IUS & Sub Dermal Implant training are also available to doctors and nurses holding a current Diploma of Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, or have applied to complete the practical clinical sessions of the DFSRH Course of 5.

The introduction of an on-line knowledge assessment (eKA) is required for anyone who wishes to qualify for a FSRH Diploma or Letter of Competence. This information is now available via the Faculty website.

Please note:

  • If you hold a current Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, you are exempt from the e-KA test, but will still be required to complete the on line module for IUD/IUS or Sub Dermal implant.
  • All new candidates for LoCs will have to pass the on line assessment (eKA knowledge assessment).   The eKA will be available via the FSRH website
  • This is a timed 1 hr 45 mins long, open book test and consists of 100 questions based on clinical scenarios with a single best answer from five.

Once the candidate has successfully passed the e-KA, dates can be arranged to attend Sandyford IUD / Implant training clinics with a Faculty Registered Trainer to complete the practical clinical training.Cost

£75 per session