Support for Managing STIs and BBVs

The Sandyford Sexual Health Advisers can provide support, advice and education in the management of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Blood Borne viruses.

  • If you want to talk to a Sexual Health Adviser phone 0141 211 8639
  • Copies of all positive results for STIs, HIV and Hepatitis B surface antigen tests are forwarded to the Sexual Health Adviser team at Sandyford, allowing them to contact the testing clinician directly to offer advice and support
  • A chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing leaflet is available to give to all clients at the time of their tests to ensure they understand the role of the sexual health adviserĀ and what happens with their results
  • The Sexual Health Adviser team can also support you with Partner Notification which is an essential public health activity in the effective management of STIs and BBVs. It aims to reduce rates of re-infection and/or onward transmission by ensuring contacts of patients with an STI or BBV are offered testing and treatment if appropriate
  • The Sexual Health Advisers can assist with this in all cases regardless of where the infection is being managed
  • Two client information leaflets, one forĀ chlamydia and one for gonorrhoea have been developed to help facilitate partner notification. These leaflets can be given to clients diagnosed with either of these infections to give to their sexual contacts

  • The Sexual Health Advisers run a half day Sexually Transmitted Infections and Blood Borne Viruses Update session