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P 6-7

Physical and emotional changes at puberty

  • Identify what happens both emotionally and physically at puberty
  • Identify sexual organs
  • Understand the sequence of menstruation

Body image and self worth

  • Identify personal strengths

Understanding developing sexuality and dealing with sexual feelings

  • Identify strategies to deal with sexual feelings

Developing awareness of gender identity

  • Formulate and express an opinion of the role of man and woman in the home
  • Discuss where perceptions of gender come from – TV, film, media, etc

Changing nature of friendship

  • Define a positive loving relationship
  • Discuss what it means to love somebody
  • Discuss long term relationships including marriage
  • Consider what qualities they would want in a boy/girlfriend

Menstruation, pregnancy and birth

  • Awareness of the process of conception
  • Sequence the development of a baby
  • Understand the purpose of the placenta and umbilical cord and the process of birth
  • Discuss the possible impact of a mother’s health and lifestyle on the developing baby

Being part of a family and the importance of respect within families

  • Identify positive family relationships
  • Identify different family make-ups
  • Discuss the importance of love, trust, support, care and respect in families