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P 4-5

Exploring changes in the body

  • Discuss aspects of physical change as people grow older
  • Be aware of difference between boys and girls as they get older
  • Understand the importance of keeping their bodies clean

How human life begins

  • State where in a woman’s body the baby grows
  • Discuss how a mother’s body changes as the baby grows inside and establish the length of time it takes for a baby to fully develop before birth
  • Discuss how a pregnant woman might feel – physically and emotionally – as the baby grows

Expressing and dealing with feelings and emotions

  • Be aware of various emotions
  • Be aware of how to deal with various different emotions both in themselves and in others and identify coping strategies

Being part of a family

  • Define ‘family’ and what being part of a family means
  • Identify different family structures
  • Identify roles and responsibilities within the family
  • Identify ways they can support and help family members


  • Define ‘friendship’
  • Identify what makes a good friend
  • Identify what is important in a friendship
  • Identify key strategies for making, maintaining and mending relationships

Dealing with bullying situations, including cyber bullying and keeping safe online

  • Identify examples of bullying behaviours, including cyber bullying and what they can do if they are being bullied
  • Discuss what is good/not so good about the internet
  • Identify rules about keeping safe online