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P 1-3

Uniqueness of the body

  • Naming of the body parts
  • Drawing themselves
  • Comparing differences and similarities
  • Looking it fingerprints

Awareness of the way bodies grow and change

  • Looking at photographs of themselves as babies and now, discussing the changes
  • Looking at clothing in sizes from baby to now, especially shoes and feet
  • Recording height, throughout the school year
  • What can they do now they couldn’t as a baby

Where living things come from

  • Discussion about living and non living things to enable an awareness to develop
  • Planting seeds, discussing what is needed to enable growth
  • Name and discuss mother and baby animal pairs
  • Using a picture of a baby discuss human mothers and babies.  The word ‘womb’ should be introduced here

Family and other special people who care for me

  • Discuss the people in their lives who are special to them, group them into family and friends
  • Identify who helps us in the community e.g. doctor, police officer

Recognising and expressing feelings

  • Demonstrate common emotions through facial expression and body language
  • Identify events and situations where they may experience different feelings
  • Identify who they could talk to if they felt sad, angry, upset, etc

Respect and care for self and others

  • Identify ways of keeping healthy – Diet, exercise, etc
  • Hand washing, identifying times to hand wash and correct hand washing procedure
  • Discuss how they can care for others

Ways of keeping safe

  • Identify and explore safety issues appropriate to the school setting – road safety, stranger danger etc
  • Discuss safe/unsafe places in the local area and why they are safe/unsafe.  Identify how they would feel if they were on their own in these places
  • Discuss what to do if they are approached by a stranger.  Work out an appropriate strategy for the situation e.g. run, yell, tell


  • Discuss what they think bullying is – not just physical
  • Identify what a bully may be like, why they might bully, suggest ways to deal with this situation and who can they talk to about bullying
  • Consider what they could do if someone they knew was being bullied