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Nurse Implant Training

Who is this for?

Implant training consists of practical clinical sessions organised by Sandyford for nurses working in the Primary Care and Acute Sectors. 

This training is open to nurses and midwives who have not completed a recognised course in Sexual Reproductive Healthcare at SCQF level 9.10.11 or NBS Family Planning Certificate and who will administer subdermal implants against a prescription written manually or electronically by a registered GP or another authorised prescriber


Nurses and midwives who will supply and administer implants under Patient Group Directions, or as a non-medical prescriber.   This group of nurses and midwives should ideally hold a recent post registration qualification in Sexual & Reproductive Health Certificate at SCQF level 9.10.11 or NBS Family Planning Certificate attained within the last 5 years.  (if more than 5 years since qualification obtained, update is required by completing DFSRH e-modules from January 2010)

Practical clinical sessions can be arranged once the necessary updating is complete using the e-srh modules no 2, 8, 10, and 17.

In each case, self audit or practice is essential (NHS QIS Best Practice Statement, PGDs, March 2006)

This training is completed in conjunction with West of Scotland Managed Clinical Network.

For further information or application form, please contact

Caroline Donnelly

Practice Development Nurse


2/6 Sandyford Place


G3 7NB

Email: or


There is no cost involved in the E-module training.     Practical clinical training sessions - £75 per session.

Please follow the instructions below to register for an e-portfolio.

Register/Log On Instructions

1. Log on to - Learning for health. (
2. Click on Projects at the top of the home page.
3. Click on Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare towards the bottom of the page (topics list is in alphabetical order).
4. Click on menu on left hand side of page to Sign Up for Access.
5. Go to the bottom of page - NHS Health Care staff (excluding doctors) in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
6. Clinic on Register button.
7. Enter all information required, check and press submit button.
8. You should receive your username and password to your Health Board email address within the next few days.
9. Once you have received your log in details, you can gain access by clicking on the button in top right corner.
10. Sample of the modules below, Sandyford would ask to be completed by trainees before attending Implant training.


Section 2:   Anatomy & Physiology of the reproductive system (this goes into hormones etc).
Section 8:   Contraceptive choices including Nuvaring.
Section 10: Emergency Contraception.
Section 17: Additional training in sub dermal contraceptive implants - this includes local anaesthetic.

You can log in and out, and accrue learning time/print certificates and knowledge checks.


WOS MCN Professional Guidance