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Sandyford Works toward LGBT Charter of Rights at Bronze level

 Sandyford is working in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland to achieve the LGBT Charter of Rights at bronze level. The LGBT Charter is a tool to help everyone focus on the quality of services we provide for LGBT service users. Achieving the LGBT Charter enables us to clearly show we have taken steps to improve services and the workplace, and remove barriers for LGBT people. 

By displaying the LGBT Charter, we communicate a positive message to our LGBT service users that they are included, valued, supported, and will be treated fairly when they access the service.

We have set up a multi disciplinary working group.  Over the next 12 to 18 months we will compile our portfolio of evidence to achieve the bronze level award. We are required  to gather evidence across 7 categories set out in the LGBT Charter Award standards. They are

Sign Up; Champion; Training; Policy; Practice; Promotional Materials and Resources; Monitoring and Evaluation. 

 The standards for the awards can be found HERE

 As our first steps, we are conducting a baseline staff survey. Next we will organise training for staff.

 In the meantime, some of our group members are conducting a walk-through of Sandyford facilities to see what visual cues we give out to tell our LGBT service users they are valued.

We at Sandyford are one of five teams in Glasgow’s HSCP undertaking the charter alongside fifteen secondary schools.

“I am delighted that staff have come together to undertake the Charter of Rights process. Sandyford has a track record of championing LGBT inclusion however we recognise there are always things we could do better. Undertaking the Charter really helps us make sure we are getting every aspect of our service right,” said Nicky Coia, Health Improvement Manager (Sexual Health), who chairs the working group.

 For more information on the LGBT Charter of Rights, please visit