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Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic - Behind the Logo

07 AUG 2017 - 15:37 to 31 AUG 2017 - 15:37

Here at Sandyford, we offer a comprehensive gender identity service available to anyone who is concerned about their gender identity or expression of their gender. The Centre offers the only Gender Identity Service for young people in Scotland and the service for adults is the largest.

The service primarily assists transgender people to facilitate medical and surgical treatments enabling greater comfort in the face of gender non-conformity. The service is also available to any person who feels uncomfortable or uncertain about their gender identity whether they wish to change their gender or not.

Sandyford’s Gender Identity Services leaflet provides detailed information about the service, along with information on support groups in Scotland, how to change personal documents and a list of common gender identity terms and what they mean (glossary of terms).  A hard copy is available free from Sandyford on request. Anyone can call 0141 211 8137 for a confidential discussion or an initial appointment.

The new Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic logo was developed collaboratively by clinicians and service users. 17 initial logo ideas were fused to 9. These were then put to a vote. Over 400 votes identified a clear front runner which combined Scotland’s national flag with a ‘friendly’ font and a rainbow icon. The font that circles the logo represents the full life cycle of transgender and gender non-conforming patients attending our service. The location of the Glasgow clinic is marked by a rainbow-coloured spot, reflecting the long-standing symbol used by the LGBT community. The white diagonal cross of St Andrew is set against the official sky blue colour endorsed by the Scottish Parliament.

Flags can mean different things to different people. The Scottish Saltire, in addition to being the national flag could be said to speak of identity, liberty, peace and pride. Freedom to self-identify gender is in tune with the wider current themes in Scotland; forging ahead; connecting with emerging next steps; exploring new possibilities; and enabling real and positive change to take place. These themes reflect the Clinic’s commitment to providing equal access to gender health care for all Scottish transgender service users.

The logo will be used on official stationery, the Sandyford website and service leaflets. The design allows it to be scaled down whilst still being instantly recognisable.

Rhoda MacLeod, Partnership Head of Sexual Health Services said: “I am delighted with this new logo which provides an essential step forward in the ongoing  development of the gender identity service for young people and adults. This is a very exciting time for the service as it continues to grow in response to the increasing demand from people who are requiring the skills and expertise it can offer and the logo really helps to cement and establish this. A considerable amount of work went into creating the logo and a special thanks must be given to Heather Caldwell, Occupational Therapist who was the inspiration behind the creation of the logo and the consultation process.”