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Look after your sexual health this summer!

18 JUN 2018 - 03:08

Jetting off somewhere sunny this summer? 

Remember to pack condoms!


Protect your sexual health, and that of your partner, by being safe and prepared.
If you think you might have contracted  Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), book yourself into our Test Only Clinic.

17 years old  or under? You can walk into any of our services and be seen by a nurse.

STIs aren’t the only reason you should be packing condoms.  Sickness and diarrhoea as well as certain medicines like anti-malaria tablets can make the contraceptive pill less effective.  Condoms and lubricant help to protect against both pregnancy and STIs, when used correctly (including size). 

So, when you’re out shopping for your usual holiday essentials like sunscreen, make sure you pick up condoms too.

It is quick and easy to pick up Free Condoms and lubricant from over 300 venues across Glasgow & Clyde, including pharmacies and health centres.  We don't need your name, address or any other personal details, just head along to a Free Condoms venue near you.

If you are buying condoms/lubricant abroad remember:

  • Look out for the KITE mark, CE mark (specific to Europe), and expiry date on condom packets
  • Look for CE mark and expiry date on lubricant
  • Look for ‘familiar’ brand names that you recognise

Some general condom advice to remember:

  • Check the condom foil before use to ensure it hasn’t been damaged (including damage from your luggage items)
  • Keep condom packs out of direct sunlight
  • Use water based lubricant and be careful of sun cream and oils that can affect condoms
  • Take a variety of condom sizes with you – size matters!


If you have unprotected sex while on holiday, remember that not everybody who gets an STI has symptoms.  Also, you don't have to have had a lot of sexual partners to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Anyone who has sex, regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation, can contract an infection.

If you are sexually active, you should get a sexual health check up every 6 months or more often if you have had unprotected sexual intercourse (without using a condom). 

Did you know, it can take some time between catching an infection and showing up on a test, so wait at least 2 weeks after you think you might have been infected before coming to see us, unless of course you do have some symptoms.

Most STIs can easily be tested through a urine sample, a swab or, in some cases, a blood test and can be easily treated.

To arrange a Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) test, call us on 0141 211 8130 to make an appointment for a test.